Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zucchini Tuesday

Here we are again on Tuesday talking about zucchini.  Why because if you grow them you might want to know how to cook them or even how they are looking.  This was a thought Louise at garden glut thought would be a good thing to discuss and I agree and thought I might happily play along.

This week I made zucchini fritters with potato and corn. I did hope to use 3 zucchini but I think 2 of my 3 plants aren't really attracting the bees.  I harvested a couple of zucchini but they were not so good inside.

Not the best picture but notice the brown in the middle?
So I had to use 1 lousy zucchini for the fritters rather than 3.  That is why I decided to throw corn in as well.  Here is the original recipe by Delia Smith I did add a few extras but this one is cracking. Have a look

Served with a chilli sweet potato salad

I thought you might also be interested to see how the plant is trying to take over my entire back garden (well nearly).

Don't mind me I am happy to use up the whole garden bed  (with the pumpkin)
So have you been enjoying your zucchini/courgettes this week?


  1. Very nice! I also make a zucchini fritter but with mint and fetta. I think its a Nigella recipe from memory. I have no idea whats happening with your zucchini - does manually pollinating the plants help?

    1. That sounds like the same one. Only I threw thyme and oregano into mine as I didn't think the mint would work with corn. Well no I haven't tried manually pollinating they are ok if picked small. The colour was different as well but the next ones along seem to be just fine

  2. It's a triffid! What a spectacular plant! Reference my pathetic Mr Greenskin! Sad that your innards are unhappy, but nothing like a Deliah to put things right!

    1. I will wait and see as I have had a couple of beauties from them. Do love Delia my household just wishes she would stop writing essays with each recipe