Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday markets

I must confess I really don't grow enough to keep us full. So I mostly go off to Flemington markets most Saturdays to get fruit, veg, nuts and eggs. They are the main markets of Sydney where all the supermarkets, restaurants and florists come to. Saturday there is no entry price and there is a massive covered hall where growers come in to sell to the public.  I love it as there are people from all walks of life. You do battle with hundreds of people with trolleys down tiny lanes, fork-truck drivers and venders yelling to grab your attention.  

The produce is fresh and cheap. I am always surprised when I do pop up to the local greengrocer shop with the prices. The best thing is Costco is just down the rd so I can continue on to get other lovely things (in bulk of course).  Have a look at how much fun

It is a massive place so finding that stall where the ginger was can sometimes be a struggle
Now that is a glut

I always think I must try some of these more usual vegetables

Anyone for chilli?

These growers have the freshest herbs esp dill and coriander (I fail at growing either herb)

I really should have thought about it but I would have needed one serious space in  the garden to grow this many onions
Quick jump into the flower market.  This growers roses smell amazing.
Tell me do you have a favourite market place that you go to?

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