Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Garden bloom Bloggers day, January

I good while ago I worked at a nursery surrounded by suburbia. The neighbour 'Gary' would often come in and borrow a seedling or two for his garden. We would talk about his garden and he spoke often of his 'Moon-flower' and invited me around to look at it, at night of course because that is when it flowers.  Mr R was always suspicious and suggested he wanted to show me more than a flower :o). I never did go. But he was talking about Epiphyllum oxpetalum.

This image is sadly not mine but borrrowed via google (Thanks google) Moonflower open
I can see why Gary wanted me to come and see his moon-flower.  But don't despair I have an image of one flower that is open and one that is coming along.

I didn't say it was worth looking at but worry not I have more gorgeous things in flower, have a look

Agapanthus 'Black Panther' 

Again but this one was open

Pineapple lilly

Or Eucomis sp.

Grasshopper on my carrot flower

Is it cheating if I use my neighbours crepe myrtle? 

Pennisetum rubrum  reminds me of cat tails

Arachis hypogaea or peanut flowers. Not grown them before should be fun.

Pentas sp

Sunflowers not following the sun


Beans please grow



A bit weird this is the flower of my perpetual spinach
And finally I am not so sure these mushroom type flowers are so good for my bay tree but they sure are interesting
So that is a wrap this month in the middle month of summer here at my place but have a look at May's garden for more exciting garden around the world in bloom today


  1. You have quite a bit blooming at the moment. Your Aggie is beautiful, and I love the close-up of the Eucomis bloom. The Spinach flower is lovely, unusual but still lovely.

    1. Thanks Bernie. I am pretty happy although if you look at the garden as a whole there is so much more to carry on with as most of us will agree. Thanks for swinging by

  2. Wow, that Moonflower was impressive, had to look it up as I have never seen it before. My experience with cacti is very limited, not sure if I have a house for it either, so I will resort to admire the photo.
    The mushroom was amazing!!

    1. You know Helene moonflowers are quite amazing and I am now watching like a hawk at night so I can actually get a photo this time of this beauty. Thanks for popping by

  3. Love your blooms and the Agapanthus 'Black Panther' is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and happy GBBD!

  4. The moonflower is fascinating, does it grow upside down and the flower points upwards? You have lots of interesting tropical plants in your garden.

    1. Hmm no I think they hang down from the leaf and then the flower kind of hangs vertically to the ground. It is so cute that you think we are tropical. Although the weather has been so hot lately I might just agree. Winter gets too cold for tropical temperatures. However where you are it's quite tropical

  5. I love ur want hehe..seriously normally not a fan of Maggie's I do like the the black panther.Also the pineapple lilly.

    1. Well my lovely I shall divide them up so you can have your share