Tuesday, 29 May 2012

autumn love


One minute it is raining the next sunny followed by big black clouds that give me a moment or two to stop work and come inside so I can write about my love of autumn.

yellow is such a cheerful colour

When I was younger the house we lived at had a huge liquidambar and huge elm right next to each other which would rain down and cover the ground with leaf poo.  Dad would go out each Sunday and spend quite some time raking it all up into piles.  Now I also have to say gardening never was a favourite thing to do for dad and it has even less appeal these days.  I would stand at the back window watching with great interest as he laboured away creating his piles.

It was back in the day where you could no longer burn off and there was no green bin nor was composting such a big thing back then.  So as he went off to collect the bin I would quick as a flash race out to kick, throw up leaves, lay down and roll about in those gorgeous big piles.  Sometimes I even had enough time to escape back inside before dad got back.  But mostly I was handed the rake to get them back in there piles where I would often have to repeat kicking them all over the place and end up re-raking.  Perhaps that is part of the rest why I became a gardener?

Ooo Look how tempting that pile of crunchy leaves are :o)

I am not sure I will ever be cured of the kicking about of autumn leaves even today i will gather a pile to throw over the dog on our afternoon walks.  So tell me your stories that involve autumn.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bloom day in May

Well I really thought there was nothing in the garden but to my great joy I found quite a few things which I shall quickly post as the dog is harassing me to take him for a walk, bah bah. 

A variety of Bromeliad, don't know which one

Streptocarpus, not sure of species

Heliotropium 'Lord Roberts'

Kniphofia something


Crimson broad beans (although I have my doubts that they should be in flower right now)

Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'

My blueberries really shouldn't be flowering

Salvia (this cutting actually found it's way into my pocket one day)

Got this black salvia from the Melbourne flower show a few years back

So that's it for me this month but rest assured if you pop over to  maydreamsgardens you can see what is bloomin all around the world.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Well it is my birthday today and in this house hold when you have a birthday you are allowed to be Emperor for the whole day and you can decree anything you want as most good emperor's should.  So I can't complain I didn't have to work or even do the dishes so that can't be bad.

I decided that I should document my day and I have come up with 42 things that have made me smile.  Here they are:

Just before the sun rose

sunrise at Narrawallee

Bliss burger (it's name honest)

my favourite fig at Milton

Does work where it hurts and gets you all warm
I think these are not native to the area

Who are you looking at?

Kangaroos at Pebbly Beach

Mum x

Road from Depot Beach

Between Norwa and Berry

When I grow up I want this house in Berry


Nan Tein Temple (sadly closed on Mondays)

Wollongong Botanical Gardens 

Banksia robur

Love the mountains in the background of Wollongong Botanical Gardens

Bracychition looks a bit rude

This pumpkin was HUGE and could feed at least 20!

Chia seeds come from a saliva plant (some of it fell into my pocket but didn't survive the journey home)

These fish were staring at me and I don't know why

chilli nuts

closed on Monday (that didn't make me smile)

The radio made me laugh all the way home
You're how old???

Bubbles (the Neighbour cat)

Seeds on the windowsill are ready

Fraxinus 'Raywood'

on the afternoon walk
Rock seat

Homeward bound

Mr R and V

K, s and I

Sydney by night

Just what I need now

Well I look forward to GBBD tomorrow best get to bed