Sunday, 3 June 2012

The sparkly lights of Sydney

We are really lucky in Sydney at the moment as it is hosting a festival called Vivid. There are displays of lights and moving images from the Opera House to Walsh Bay.  So my household decided to go in on Friday night and we were really lucky as it wasn't too cold and the rain held off till later that evening.  We did of course have the same idea as many family and city workers as it was quite crowded but everyone was there having fun.  Here are a few photos for you.

The socks moved and changed colour when people walked underneath them

How these ladies stayed up dancing on those stilts is astounding

The cube of colour was interactive as the onlookers could spin it around

So this giant candelabra was used earlier in the year for Opera in the gardens it claims to have 20 000 Schwarzkopf crystals  

Now I do want to add a few of the plants (after all this is a blog that talks about them a lot).  The up side is of course that you don't even have to get those hands dirty

This was called mimosa (or wattle if you prefer) and they keep on changing colour.  It was quite hypnotic 

Optic fibre that i thought looked a little like a grass tree 

And last but not least the buildings that had moving graphics and music that went along with it.  It was much more exciting than these still shots but I am sure you get the idea.

I love seeing the sails in different colours

MCA had a very artistic display that was compelling 

Customs House had a birds eye view of a city that changed from day to night. Incredible  

Looks like we have a couple of days of rain here which is great for the garden.  Hope your gardens are looking as refreshed as mine