Sunday, 8 September 2013

The tree is gone

So our liquidambar came out from the front of the house. It was just under 3m from the house walls so we didn't have to ask permission from the council (win). After the tree had dropped it branch two weeks ago I was considered that once in leaf it would really have a sail and land on the neighbours house.

We acted quickly as the tree was still bear so would be a lot easier to remove than it would with leaves on. The tree company we used were outstanding. Six chaps, a crane, a mulcher, a trunk for the trunk, a stump grinder and 3 hrs made very short work of this massive tree.

The large canopy shaded both our house and the neighbours
Thankfully I worked hard on the weekend to remove most of the plants from the garden so the crane could fit
We had a tree protester

The climber had no fear

Canopy gone. Totem pole left 

I came out at this point and realised how sad I would be with it missing

The base should a fair amount of damage 
I have to say I really don't like it gone. The house looks so naked...

But I guess that is the thing with gardens they change so I need to adapt as well. There is a lot of chip that needs removing and soil that needs improving. But I do now have a lot more sun so suddenly I have quite a big space for vegetables and possibly a space for fruit trees. Maybe I could try and compete with Beks 59 apple trees? It might not be so bad after all???

Well I guess I best get my gardening clothes on as there is a whole pile of work that needs doing before I can dream of planting.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A day of sadness

I was going to write about the tree today but that will have to wait. For today we had to put our beautiful 7 year old ridge back Diba to sleep. He has be ill for the past week with severe pancreatitis. Today and ultrasound showed up peritonitis, a clot in his spleen and a tumour in his liver. Diagnosis was grim at best so our choice was limited.

He was the best furry friend I ever had.

He was always happy to supervise my work in the garden, dig additional holes in places I did and didn't want. Super keen to take away any excess bone and bone or dynamic lifter from the plants and shrubs about the house.

In winter he was only too happy to do a slow perimeter check around the house: on the sunny spot on the bed, in that patch of light in the spare room or right by the front door soaking up the sun on his sofa.

When someone came to the front they never had to knock as Diba would always announce their arrival.

It was one of the worse choices I had to make.

I am miss him greatly.

While his eyes look shut he was totally in charge of his supervising role


Monday, 2 September 2013


So last time I wrote (which has been a while I have been told) I talked of the big wind that ripped a monstrous branch away from the liquidambar at the front of our house. The trouble really began back in 1991 when a freak storm hit our area of the North Shore. It was I believe it was a mini cyclone where trees were torn to shreds, roof tile (not hit by trees or debris) were ripped off roofs and the streets were impassable.  I suspect it was this storm that may very well have taken the central leader from the liquidambar. Fast forward 22 years, and the weaker of the now multi-stemmed tree just couldn't quite cope with the pressure from the wind.

Looking up at the now badly shaped tree it is clear that no amount of pruning will help. Should another huge wind come while the tree is in leaf I fear the damage will be great.

Now only half the same size (it is the one on the right)

last autumn
I told my neighbour it was coming out and figured she would be quite happy about it now she won't have the leaves to deal with. Of course she is also happy to not have the balls to twist here ankles on.

I am really going miss the tree even though it is only 3 meters from the house it gave the best shade over summer and lots of lovely light in winter and stacks of brilliant leaf mulch. The birds will also miss it. Not to mention the possum. Mr R climbed up the other day to remove the possum box thinking he was going to have one quite pissed of poss but he is gone! I am not sure what happened to him, hopefully nothing too awful, perhaps he found himself a new wife and they have set up digs some place else?

So I have been madly creating new shade loving garden beds out the back before spring really hits and to save the tree guys from tip toeing around sensitive plants. I would have liked a lot more compost and manure in the ground but the plants needed moving quickly so lets cross fingers and toes they transplant well. Today I have to move the daphne, gulp. They can't stand root disturbance so it may be the first casualty, wish me luck.

I can only hope the neighbours don't think about removing their trees or my shade lovers might really suffer
 More tomorrow when the tree comes out. Till then I am off to say my last goodbyes