Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A day of sadness

I was going to write about the tree today but that will have to wait. For today we had to put our beautiful 7 year old ridge back Diba to sleep. He has be ill for the past week with severe pancreatitis. Today and ultrasound showed up peritonitis, a clot in his spleen and a tumour in his liver. Diagnosis was grim at best so our choice was limited.

He was the best furry friend I ever had.

He was always happy to supervise my work in the garden, dig additional holes in places I did and didn't want. Super keen to take away any excess bone and bone or dynamic lifter from the plants and shrubs about the house.

In winter he was only too happy to do a slow perimeter check around the house: on the sunny spot on the bed, in that patch of light in the spare room or right by the front door soaking up the sun on his sofa.

When someone came to the front they never had to knock as Diba would always announce their arrival.

It was one of the worse choices I had to make.

I am miss him greatly.

While his eyes look shut he was totally in charge of his supervising role



  1. Oh that's so sad that you lost your work buddy. Big dogs with sweet natures are lovely - I'm sure you'll miss him loads.

    1. Thank you AP. it will be a hard week I am sure. I suppose it will get easier and who knows I might actually learn to garden without supervision?

  2. Oh I am so sorry! What a lovely friend Diba has been. That shot with Diba up to his neck in leaves is very cute. Treasure your memories.

    1. Thanks Louise. Thankfully we have loads of beautiful memories from our best furry friend