Sunday, 8 September 2013

The tree is gone

So our liquidambar came out from the front of the house. It was just under 3m from the house walls so we didn't have to ask permission from the council (win). After the tree had dropped it branch two weeks ago I was considered that once in leaf it would really have a sail and land on the neighbours house.

We acted quickly as the tree was still bear so would be a lot easier to remove than it would with leaves on. The tree company we used were outstanding. Six chaps, a crane, a mulcher, a trunk for the trunk, a stump grinder and 3 hrs made very short work of this massive tree.

The large canopy shaded both our house and the neighbours
Thankfully I worked hard on the weekend to remove most of the plants from the garden so the crane could fit
We had a tree protester

The climber had no fear

Canopy gone. Totem pole left 

I came out at this point and realised how sad I would be with it missing

The base should a fair amount of damage 
I have to say I really don't like it gone. The house looks so naked...

But I guess that is the thing with gardens they change so I need to adapt as well. There is a lot of chip that needs removing and soil that needs improving. But I do now have a lot more sun so suddenly I have quite a big space for vegetables and possibly a space for fruit trees. Maybe I could try and compete with Beks 59 apple trees? It might not be so bad after all???

Well I guess I best get my gardening clothes on as there is a whole pile of work that needs doing before I can dream of planting.


  1. Tree removal looks a tough job at the best of times. You'll have great light now. Would be good to plant a new tree for the future.

    1. Sigh I know I just need to get over my sadness that such a beautiful tree is gone and hope we don't have a very hot summer now the shade has gone