Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some very welcome changes

So we live in a 1950's weatherboard house which has had a fair share of extensions, some good some bad. The garden it would seem has gone through a whole of changes as well.  I rely on the information of how it all looked from my neighbours (most of whom still live here). And there has been a section out the back which really always just seemed to weird.  A sloped paved area with a garden at the bottom and grass.

What can you do with a sloped paved area?  Honestly I couldn't put pots or a table there.  It really closed off the garden in my mind.

 So with the help of J we plan to open up the entire back garden space by getting rid of the garden and palm tree (never really cared for it).  Then we have terrace into 3 quite large steps to help ease the slope.  As we have V's big 21st coming up we will need to crack on.  Stay tuned to see  how we get through it.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

First things first

Well I think it true what they say: a plumber always has leaking taps and a cobblers children always have bare feet (although I seriously doubt this is true in today's age).  

Anyway as a self-employed horticulturalist working in many other peoples gardens I think it is fair to say my garden is in constant need for work.  So here it is, my blog that will hopefully get me out in my own garden? 

I plan on not only showing you about my little plot but hope to share things that make me squeak with excitement be it a plant, garden or the stuff that is produced and eaten.  At the moment I wait with baited breathe for my flowering gums (Corymbia ficifolia 'Summer Beauty' and yes if I have learnt their botanical name I should use it) to pop their caps and become the show piece by the front gutter but here is a bee happily helping him/herself to the very first flowers.  

Well as there happens to be a slight break in the rain i best get out there and get on as it were