Friday, 11 May 2012

Eryldene House

I know it has been far too long but the rain has stopped and the gardens are quite out of control out there.  And when it comes to my place I hope to leave and return in the dark so I just don't get the chance to see how awful it looks...

Well I shouldn't complain too much as I did pop out on a date with Mr R recently to Eryldene House in Gordon.  It was built back in 1914 for  the late Professor Waterhouse and his wife.  Prof. Waterhouse is responsible for bringing camellias into Australia so as you can imagine there are quite a no of them around the garden.  The house is Georgian in Style and very modest by today's standards but I expect back in the day it was great luxury.  At later stages the Prof. had a garden study added to work from which is an enchanting place to sit and work.

Eryldene House
Waiting for the Camellias to flower
I have to confess I wasn't overly impressed by the Camellias as I think it was too early even for the sasanquas but oh my word look at the Spotted Gums.  Swoon they are so beautiful, I wish we had one.

Look how massive the Eucalyptus is!  Yes it is just one tree
The tennis court has a Chinese tea House built to the side I assume for tea or to watch a game or to chill out and read a good book I expect.  Today they hold Christmas markets, weddings, events and jazz concerts  on what once was the court.

Chinese Tea House beyond the tennis court
I will have to go back again in June when the garden I expect will be in full bloom adding to the verdant garden structure we saw on our visit.  But I did love the ease at which you can travel though the garden with places that allow you to pause and reflex.  The historic buildings are wonderful and there are just a few unique plants that make the journey worthwhile.  There is a small cover charge ($6 per adult) which goes into maintaining the garden and house.

oh just between you and I there is a small cutting of this Bergonia that simply wanted to come home with me
Mr R could hear the doves and just wanted to see they could get out (they could)

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