Sunday, 22 April 2012

The sound of the mowers humming

Every second Tuesday our green waste bins go out so when we are walking Diba it is usually to the hum of mowers.  People being as productive as possible to get those bins full in time.  I hate it when we don't get the bins full I just don't feel like we get full value for our rates. At least the sun came out and Diba got to soak up some rays

He is not dead just getting in some of the 20hrs of sleep he needs for the day

I would also love to say that we had a sterling crack at the garden and it is looking fabulous but alas we had visitors (which were wonderful).  So while Mr R raced around whipping, mowing and blowing I ran around the kitchen.  Both grass clippings and food waste going to the compost so still nothing in either of the two big green bins. But here is a picture of the cake made by the guests, delish.

I also really wanted to show you just how fantastic the seeds have been doing (which they have) but we had quite some rain this week and it seems the weeds have grown almost as high as the seedlings.  So it would not make for a great photo.  Instead I have a couple of the rain instead :o)

So this was just before it hit our place (between Hornsby and Pymble)

Almost couldn't see across the road
Well there is on;y a 40% chance of rain tomorrow so looks like I might just be able to get out there and fill some of those bins before Tuesday.  Have a lovely week.

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