Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hoppy easter

Well of course I meant to write sooner but you all just put out such lovely blogs I had to sit back to read them and didn't get around to writing one of my own.  I trust you had a lovely Easter with fun, chocolate and a bit of rest?  We were kept quite busy and I took lots of lovely pictures to share with you all. I took a photo of the bunny family who really started as one and then when we were out they do what bunnies do best...

I convinced Mr R (who grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa) to go to the Easter show with me so we could see all the great veggie displays, wood chopping action and cakes. Here's a few shots that made the cut.

The biggest Pumpkin was about 450kgs! My butternuts would have been laughed out of the show
Cake judging
How pretty is she?

Just like the 3 flying ducks my Nana used to have on her wall  :o)

I should have gone for a ride
Nearly full moon
We went to Coolah for the weekend. Where? It is a 5 hr drive for Sydney and in between Dubbo and Tamworth, Or just out west over the ranges and a long way from anywhere  My friend's brother has a pub there so we went out to visit.  Here is the main street.

Coolah a 2 pub town.  And that's just about it.

Oh my goodness we visited Coolah Tops National Park near the Warrumbungles and walked in a grass tree forest it was out of this world!  Do yourself a favour if you are ever in this part of the world, go visit.

Does anyone else think it looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings??

The Liverpool plains towards Tamworth I believe
What fun things did you get up to this Easter?


  1. Definitely Gandalf!I love a Grass tree and a good show. Love the old fashioned rides that keep doing the rounds.

  2. Same although I didn't get on the rides, shame next time