Sunday, 13 January 2013

Productive kitchen

"Is there a reason we have so many jars?" Mr R asked the other day. I have been meaning to get on with making some chutney, I just didn't have much of a glut.  Thankfully I went off to the markets yesterday and found a box of VERY ripe tomatoes. Some were so ripe they had mould (they went straight to the compost).  The box cost $6. I have saved 8 of the best toms to make a meal later this week but the rest went into chutney.

I was out last night so Mr R asked if there was anything he could do. :0) Why yes lots of chopping and stirring.... I used a recipe by Delia Smith which is a firm favourite n this house.  We had so many tomatoes that the recipe was doubled. Here it is just in case you fancy making it yourself.

Eleven big jars of tomato chutney on the right. I used Linda's chilli jam recipe in the 2 jars on the left with the chilli glut from the garden
Delia Smith's Fresh and sun-dried Tomato Chutney

* Dry roast a dessert spoon of coriander and a dessert spoon of mustard seeds for a minute or 2.
* In a food processor whiz up 225g pre soaked sun-dried tomatoes (not in oil).
* Then add 1.8kg of fresh tomatoes (skin and seeds can remain). Pour into large saucepan.
* Return the food processor and blitz 4 garlic and 4 fresh chillies  4 large (peeled) onions and 2 large capsicum (Mr R used the stuff in the jar). Throw it into the pot with the tomatoes.
* Finally add 225g brown sugar, 570ml of cider vinegar, and a dessert spoon of salt to the mix.
* Bring to boil while stirring.  Turn down to a simmer and cook for about 3-4 hrs until the there is no liquid.
* Pour into sterilised jars and label.

I think he has done a very good job. And we used up about 90% of the jars in the cupboard.  I think even Mr R won't be upset with the amount of jars left now.


  1. Oh my, very nice! Great when you find a bargin. I also have my jars commented on! But I try to keep them topped up with stash. right now I have spicy plum sauce, apricot jam, my chilli jam, something I call rocket fuel.

  2. And yours were even better as you didn't even have to pay for the main ingredient! I have tried your jam (listed in our recipe archive). It was amazing and also consumed quickly. I gave Linda's from witches kitchen a go this time. I think I will have to try yours again to make a comparison, now I just need my chillies to grow