Sunday, 6 January 2013

Enough is enough

I have been watching for a while and I am not happy about it. White cabbage moths have been circling the vegie patch now for a several weeks.  It's ok I haven't got anything in the brassica family growing. So I thought they can't harm much, right?

Watercress seems the blighties like watercress.  I stopped counting at 44. Now I have watercress stumps which don't do so well in a salad. Sigh, I suppose the possums will find it next. Hope your watercress is surviving better.


  1. i think watercress is part of the brassica family which might explain things I guess. My watercress has always gives up in the heat of summer so you've done well to have some still going.

    1. I should be glad that it is still there after all I have the resident possum who hasn't found it. I am just crossing fingers and toes that it might come back

  2. Goodness me! That's s lot of grubs. got chickens? They'll love them.

  3. Sadly no chickens. We have discussed getting them as there are many snails they could have as well. Perhaps sooner rather than later?