Wednesday, 26 September 2012

succulents get a work over

So I have a pile of pots around the pool (meant to be a spa but the bubbles have never worked) which are full of drought loving plants.  The hose doesn't quite reach as far unless I attach the dodgy hose which is not often so they need to love the dry.  Of course over winter they have not been attended as well as I would like and as a result they are quite weedy.

the Grevillea robusta has left it's mark as well
So I not only had to weed but re-pot, use up all my bags of potting mix in an attempt to get it looking a fraction happier.  I have got a few pots that need to be removed and divided such as my Aloe Vera (perfect for burns and bites and rashes) but have run out of mix

Here the results:

Had a few frangipani's so they were divided into the 2 monster square pots

Might take a while for the little babies to root up in the new pots

I even managed to clean the pool as well

The vegetable garden is getting bricked up so I patiently (toe tapping madly away) am waiting to get planting.    I really want the broad beans to have a chance to produce a good crop before that part of the garden is bricked up.  Here they are with the first of the sweet-peas.

Sweet-peas try to invade the shed (please).

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