Monday, 1 October 2012

the long weekend

I just love long weekends.  It gives you time to refresh the batteries and get out to look at other gardens etc. Why is it called labour day though and not non-labour day?  Perhaps they figure people like me are bound to try and get into the garden and do a little labour?

Anyway we went away for about 24 hrs this weekend and guess where?

No it's a bit far to go for the weekend
Yes there are plenty of these here
Somewhere where the shadows give you long legs
Yes Canberra our capital
I really like Canberra it is well laid out and spacious.  The tree street scape is well thought out.  That is they generally use the same trees down the length of each road and there are no overhead power line the have to be trimmed into ugly shapes.  Mr R comes from a land-locked city so is not keen.

Anyway we came down this weekend to attend Floriade. A spring festival Canberra puts on each year which focuses on spring bulbs.  Sydney is a bit too warm for tulips. We can grow them but they simply get smaller and smaller every year until they disappear.  When we left Sydney on Sat it was about 24 degrees and by the time we got to Canberra it was a very chilly 8.  Happy days for all those spring bulbs.

Poppies are so cheerful

I love the ruffled tulips

the colours were terrific

So by day you could see patterns they had made in the displays (I didn't get any good photos of these).  But by night there were light displays which transformed them totally.  

Glow in the dark bird display

The ordinary daisies took on movement of there own

Floriade takes place in spring every year.  It is a fantastic atmosphere.  It is free by day although you pay for nightfest it is well worth a visit.  Hope your long weekend finds you well

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