Sunday, 28 October 2012

Technical difficulties and mother nature

Our computer is showing it's age, that is running slower than it would take a snail to slime its way from the front of our garden to the back. So time to get a new computer, a laptop in fact that can be taken anywhere around the house (Mr R seems to like using the kitchen bench). It is so fast writing my blogs should be a breeze! Only problem is all the photo files are on the old computer, sigh and of course I am a gardener so to swap them all over took me quite sometime.

Anyway I without any more delay I shall get on.....

I have been keeping up with all your lovely posts on my dad's IPad while they are away and I read thegardeningshoe who has been picking blackberries in Norfolk from the hedgerows.  I too have been out foraging in the local park. Mulberries have been quite good this year.  They are a little small but still really tasty.

Clients weeping Mulberry
Many stages of ripeness

So Mr R and I armed with a huge jar gathered quite a pile of berries.  And after reading Louise's post on strawberry jam I thought Mulberry jam seemed just the thing. And I threw a couple of strawberries from my garden in as well.

After washing gthe fruit, I measured the weight of the fruit, added half the weight in sugar, plus some lemon and grated rind and boiled away. Sadly I think there is not so much pectin in mulberries and I should have thought about adding some grated apple so it might set.  Instead it seems I have ended up with mulberry sauce. It is quite delicious although a little sweet.  I have a couple of ideas about what to do with the sauce but for now I have a garden that needs my attention.

Digging up the dirt's Mulberry Sauce


  1. My jams often end up as sauce too, I often use it to flavour yoghurt - really good.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I had it with my museli this morning

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