Thursday, 4 October 2012

Yay for new Vegie patches

So much earlier this year I posted about my lovely new terraces in the back garden which was a huge improvement on what was there. Here is a photo of the strange sloping paved area and weird little garden at the bottom.  It all got removed and Mr R spent a number of very hot days tolling in the garden building walls to create terraces of grass to match up with a big slab of concrete (which you of course can't see in this photo).

Down the side (where the shed is) is the sunniest part of the garden hence the vegetable patch.  The trouble of course is as we are on a slope the water and nutrients simply ran down from the top to the shed.  So as we had bricks to spare I suggested we terrace the garden.  It is really very handy being married to a handyman.

So here are the results so far.


2 walls in

Eek how exciting there are now 4 lovely beds
As you can see there were a few plants in that had to be worked around which I guess must have been quite an inconvenience.  And while the ground around the leek is pretty compact I can be grateful we are on sandy soils as they don't tend to compact to much.

I really couldn't move the broad beans or sweet-peas but they do seem to have survived.  Of course one of the big jobs we must tackle is the fence which I am trying to hide with the passionfruit once I get more manure etc in those beds and get them mulched up I hope there will be so many passionfruit that we really won't be able to get to the fence.

Diba I think would like the fence to be gone so he can get into the neighbours to ask for biscuits.  It works everytime he gives her those big brown eyes and the "I haven't been feed for days' look.

Anyway I must away and go through my seed box to decide what is going in.  Any suggestions?


  1. Oh for a handyman partner! I shouldn't complain as my partner does try, but progress is a little slow at times...As for suggestions - chillies, cucumbers, beans, eggplant and pumpkin. I would have said tomatoes(I always say tomatoes) but I know the fruit fly can be a pain in Sydney can't it?

  2. Well I do have 4 large pots of tomatoes. The fruit fly doesn't seem to effect them as much. I did put eggplants in the front but they so are not growing well (needed to be prepared I guess), chillies and beans are at the ready. Haven't tried cucumber thanks I might do that.

    Also have corn, soybeans and peanuts.... And now the rain has stopped I guess I should get back out and try to get the place ready for those seeds

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. That looks to have been lots of hard work but very worthwhile. What about a nice bushy courgette?