Sunday, 9 September 2012

Admiralty and Kirrabilli Houses

Have you ever been to Sydney and caught the ferry across to Manly? You pass the Opera House on your right and the on the left is a fabulous sandstone building with an expanse of lawn out the front.  When Mr R first arrived in Sydney his first question was 'Who lives in that house'?

I of course got it wrong and said it is the house the Prime Minister uses when he/she is in town.  It is actually used by the Governor-General (who is appointed by the Queen on the advise of the Prime Minister to represent Her Majesty in the Commonwealth of Australia).  She has the power to dismiss the PM if he/she has lost confidence (such as poor ol Gough Whitlam found out the hard way).  But this is about the house and grounds rather than politics.

the front entrance
I couldn't get photos inside I did get some of the garden and views out.  I have to confess I was hoping to see a weed or two in the garden just to make me not feel so bad I wasn't out there in my garden on such a fine day.

Sydney rock orchids, Dendrobium speciosum happily growing on the rocks

Admiralty House on a splendid spring day

This must be a tough view to get used to everyday
I like the fact that in the front of the house (which is really the rear) they have used mostly natives.  While Mr R and friends joked that the huge Morton Bay Fig should go so they have a better view, I think it does a perfect job frame the vista.

So around the corner the plant varieties change to drought tolerant

To shade lovers.

Then you walk a little further and you get to Kirrabilli House which is where the Prime Minister stays while they are in Sydney.  It is a small three bedroom place (and when I say small, it is in relation to Admiralty House).  The view is not quite as stunning but the lawn sweeps down encouraging quite a number of children to partake in a good rolling down the slope.  

It is a tempting slope

The Echiums sure do add colour to the entrance
And with a slight bit of surprise we came across the vegetable patch.  But don't get yourselves too excited here as I can say there is much much more in my vegetable garden and I have been empting it out so it can have a refit.

Yeap a few chillis, broccoli, chervil and a curry plant that might not be used a great deal . 

I did say...  Do you ever use Curry plant?  I know it smells of curry but I am not sure it should be given space in a produce garden.

Anyway there were a few more pretties about the place.  And looking at the plant choices I expect it gets quite hot in this garden.  What do you think?

The walkway looks like it might be covered with wisteria but nothing in sight at the moment

Loving the Loropetalum and Euphorbia combination

A great day and so happy to have finally had a visit to such an iconic house of Sydney at last.

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