Friday, 7 September 2012

Terrorist in the garden

Here is a picture (copied from google, thanks google) of a look-a-like 'Bob the Bush Turkey' as i didn't quite manage to get one myself.  He has been hard at work on a clients garden this week.  And not work that is particularly helpful to all of the work I have put in!  For those who don't know of the work 'Bob' or his bush turkey mates do in spring let me explain...

It would seem in the world of bush turkey the male is responsible for looking after the eggs and young turkeys.  So they spend quite some effort scraping general bush debris into an enormous big pile that they turn (a bit like we do with the compost heap) and get nice and hot.  Then they go off to find 'Bernadette' so she can decide if the said pile is worthy of her eggs and potentially mating with 'Bob'.  If 'Bob' is successful he helps create some eggs that he carefully places in his hot pile to keep them warm.  'Bernadette' who has finished her work gets to go back to eating and cruising the bush. Poor ol 'Bob' has to keep the pile turning so that the micro-organisms that do a fabulous job breaking down our composts get all worked up and carry on keeping those eggs warm until they are hatched.

Now that is all very well and good I am all for nature doing it's thing but 'Bob' never bothers to spread that lovely compost around in the appropriate spots.  And to make matters worse he decided that the vegetable patch was where he would start his pile.  See Exhibit A:

Bob's ramp into the vegie patch
And now he starts with the mulch

So not only has he dug soil from the other 2 beds next to this one to start his pile he dug up all of these gorgeous carrots!

Got a great range of colours with this lot
It took me a while as I had tomatoes to protect and a bean frame to create but I am ever hopeful I have 'Bob' proofed the vegie patches.  
Fingers crossed all that wire netting, pots and almost every tool in the place might just stop those turkey legs 
The tomatoes might well be safe now with the bird netting
I am crossing fingers and toes all those new seeds I have planted are safe and that 'Bernadette' finds love with 'Bruce' who has a better pile down the road.

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  1. I do like a bush turkey but am pleased I don't have to contend with their antics in the garden, sounds frustrating.