Sunday, 2 September 2012

Biennale of Sydney

I love living in Sydney for lots of reasons and today is no exception.  Biennale of Sydney is on at the moment which is basically a free art show at five locations around Sydney.  We choose Cockatoo Island which is in the middle of the harbour and in the past has been a convict prison and old shipyard.  There are heaps of great things to see and do without having the art show as a bonus.

So armed with picnic basket we caught the free ferry at 9.30. It was a gorgeous day out there but then we are now out of winter and into spring so things will be warming up.  Here are some of the things we found

And old crane to help build big ships

the cafe decorated the tables/ pallets with a cute succulent

smile and the world smiles with you

a screen of feathers

Love old draws

birds always get the good views

These were paper guns and and bullets that opened out to make great displays 

old Convict Chapel

Echium looking fabulous

Ark in progress?

Fake mist was quite cool

What have you done on the first weekend of the season?

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