Saturday, 22 September 2012

it's a big squeak this week

Spring is sooooo exciting isn't it?  Actually that isn't fair to all those other lovely seasons.  But after winter where there is much much less in bloom spring explodes with delights on every corner.  What has made it even better I guess is that we haven't had any rain to knock the petals off the plants.  Of course in Sydney at the moment we are in great need (again) on the up side at least the days are fabulous.

I am taking you to a clients garden today as she has quite a few pretties the first is Aleurites fordii (or Tung-Oil tree).  It originates from China and just loves a long humid summer. with a white flower with red center a bit like a hibiscus although it is about 3cm in diameter.

It is about 8m tall, deciduous tree with broad heart shaped leaves.  It is growing up above a couple of camellias so it's growth habit is a little scrappy.  Oil used to be collected from it's seed in days gone by but not so much now.

a young Aleurites

Aged seed pods 

Wisteria is growing around the tennis shed and is looking pretty nice.  I think it is Wisteria sinensis or Chinese wisteria .  I guess at least with the Tung-Oil tree nearby they both come from the same origin.

When I worked in the UK I worked as a florist and one of my favourite cut flowers was the Guelder Rose also known as Viburnum opulus.  Almost all the V. opulus grown in Sydney are sterile as far as I understand (it certainly doesn't get as cold as it does in Siberia to Algeria) so no berries develop for an autumn show.  However this week I passed this magnificent example and had to pull over to get a few shots so you to could smile with me.  Sigh....  What pretties have you seen this week where you are?

Viburnum opulus
 Last note they are quite fantastic cut flowers and will last in the vase for a long time.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Wisteria is just about one of my favorite plants ever, but I have no good place to put one. One day...