Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Zucchini Tuesday

I know it's been a few weeks since I last wrote a zucchini post. I have been sulking a bit because all my zucchini plants have died for one sad reason or another. I will have to plant them in a more sensible position next year and pray for no rodents.

But they are such a versatile vegetable I have to buy them. And last nights dinner was so good I thought I should share.  I made veggie burgers a recipe I found in the fruit and veg shop on one of those cards put out by Sydney Markets. Here's what they looked like

* Heat oil and add a finely chopped Onion, a couple of chopped garlic, a grated Carrot (which actually came from the garden) and a couple of grated zucchini.
* Cook for a few minutes until they are tender.
* Set aside to cool.
* In a food processor process a can of Chickpeas, a handful or 2 of breadcrumbs. Throw in the cooked veggies, an egg and season to taste.
* Form into patties and roll in more breadcrumb. 
* Cook patties over a medium heat and turn carefully as you don't want to break them up.

Mr R grilled thin slices of zucchini (just to make sure there is enough zucchini)

Then add a sliced tomato, beetroot, haluomi, homemade onion relish and avocado.

It was quite a stack let me tell you! Can't wait for lunch tomorrow.  So what amazing zucchini dishes have you been cooking lately?


  1. I love it! Haven't we had a great diversity of zucchini recipes, now a burger. I finally have some zucchini to pick ( see Monday Harvest) and have a favoutite little veggie side dish in mind for this evening. Post later today. I am also trying to find a zucchini relish or chutney recipe for next year's Adelong Show entry.

    1. Hmm a zucchini relish? In readiness for next years show? I am glad mr Greenskin 2 finally came through so you get to have a zucchini glut at last...

  2. Oh wow that looks great - My kids may even be convinced by the merits of this one.

    1. It is worth it liz. Chickpeas have such a mild flavour and of course you can add all their favourite things to go with it it.