Monday, 11 March 2013


Dear Dawn,

It was such a shock when your daughter Suellen called me to tell me the sad news about your fatal heart-attack. We had only been having a laugh together a week before.

Today was the first time I have been back to your garden without you there. It would be nice to think you were perhaps just on a lovely holiday or spending time with your gorgeous family or friends I learned so much about over the past few years.

The garden seemed quiet, well until I used the blower (Don, the neighbour didn't even complain). The Cassia (which we both know is a weed, but a gift from your mum so it is clipped after flowering to prevent seeds developing) is looking so pretty.

And the pomegranate has a few fruits and the new growth threatens to take over the drive so it got a light haircut. The Camellia has started which will no doubt make the path grotty again

I did lots of clipping, weeding, spraying, pruning, and blew the place clean just as you like it.

I have put the bin out, no doubt one of the grandboys will swing past to pop the bin back in

I feel as if I didn't get to say goodbye properly. Thanks for being such a wonderful person and may the next part of your journey treat you well. Thanks for gifting me with my moonflower cactus I will think you each time it flowers. I shall carry on caring for the garden just as you like it until it becomes someone else's to care for.

Cheerio Jen x


  1. That's so lovely Jen. What a beautiful garden Dawn has, what a nice way to say good bye by continuing to tend it.

    1. It was the only way I felt I could say goodbye. I will really miss her