Sunday, 17 March 2013

What to do?

I have been thinking that my blueberry pots are getting a little to big on the deck and I am considering the garden. Of course all plants really grew in the ground long before pots were invented. The thing is my soil is remarkably sandy so I haven't wanted to pop them in without really working the soil. I did once have a blueberry in the ground but it just didn't do so well and they have been very successful in pots. Oh the decisions... Have you had success in the ground?

Above is the location for the blueberries. It almost faces north so it get reliable sun and the neighbour grows his vegetables on the other side of his fence. And now our fence has fallen down and been replaced by a wire one it should get more sun.

Exciting news I found 3 cucumbers! It has been a long time between harvests. About 3 months since the last 3. Damn rats and heat have not been at all kind. But goodness me these were so crunchy and sweet well worth the wait.

One last note I found masses and masses of callistemon saw fly caterpillar over my elaeocarpus edmundi. I sprayed it with rose shield after cutting most of them out. But I fear the worst and will have to keep an eye on them. Bugs are out to challenge me I am sure. How is your garden going?

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  1. I'm growing blueberries in pots too as i have run out of space in the ground so I can be no help whatsoever. Great find there in the cucumbers.