Friday, 8 March 2013

It's growing like a mad thing

I sent a text message to a client the other day to ask if there was anything in particular he would like us to get on with when we got to his garden. He responded "lawn is a little out of control as a result of lots of rain and sun". I figured it would be quite shaggy like most of my clients the gardens were finally putting on growth after such a lot and hot summer.

What we didn't expect was this

I sent Nevil in with food as I wasn't sure he would make it out again

It was almost at my knees
Why is it that grass grows so well right now but my tomatoes feel they don't have to put on much growth? How is your place growing? Do you have a section that you think I'll do it later and then realise you properly should have done it sooner?

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  1. WOW! I wish I had pasture like that. Can I send my sheep to Nevil. Actually, our paddocks are beautifully green at the moment and the cattle and sheep on agistment are frolicking. My Red Box trees are on the verge of flowering and I can already see my silver wattle forming their flower spikes.