Friday, 1 March 2013


It's the first of March today so in Sydney it is finally autumn. But I don't think I can talk about the new season without mentioning summer. This one was hot and came with natural disasters all over the country. While we escaped fire threats, devastating winds and flooding waters that many people up and down the coast suffered  from we got our share of hot days, wet days and recently soul sapping humid weeks.

But before I carry on complaining about the hot temperatures I think I have to remember what is great about summer.

Long days, I love daylight saving we get an extra 3 hours of light at night in summer compared to winter. It always feels like you can get so much more done. Mind you the dog still seems to know that walk and food time should take place around 4-5pm regardless of light conditions.

Jumping out of bed without the need of extra clothing to keep you warm. You don't have to do the shiver while getting dressed. In fact you rather wish you could carry out the work day in bare feet and shorts.

Bare feet, swimming in cool waters, picnics without jumpers, early morning walks in the cool, cicadas, Christmas and New Year holidays, stone fruit, zucchini, chilli and basil.

Here are a few photos that made me smile and cry this summer....

Calodendron capense I am hoping the one planted comes into flower next year

Chilli flowers are pretty


Love Sedum 


New eggplants that aren't being eaten by ladybirds

Second round of cucumbers after 3 months without 

Corymbia 'Summer Beauty'



Sydney's hottest day on record

I lost the one on the right

Yes the fence fell down in the wind :0(. Firewood for winter :o)

Friends calling in
Tell me how was your summer?


  1. We've had a warm dry summer this year, and although more rain would have been good I've really enjoyed the weather. Whilst we've had some nice long warm stretches, we haven't had any longer periods of really, really hot weather. Days over 35 have tended to be one offs rather than having 3 or 4 in a row which has been nice. I agree with you about all the good things about summer and I will definitely miss it - although the forecast for this week is very summery indeed.

    1. Damn maybe I should convince Mr R to move to Melbourne? We have had rain and grey days for the last few weeks which was a nice change from high humidity or days were it is so hot that standing in the sun feels like it is frying your skin. We have more grey skies and rain this week, which is a lot nicer to work in and hopefully the blue days will return without the humidity? Enjoy your week