Friday, 15 March 2013

Bloggers bloom day, March 2013

So over at May's Place She is coming to terms with it still being winter although there is a glimmer of hope that spring is on it's way. Here in Sydney I can hope, pray and beg that the worse of summer has finally passed and the early autumn days have much to offer. Lets take a look

Autumn crocus doing it"s thing in the raspberry pot?
Euphorbia "Diamond Frost: in the front with a blue salvia I can't remember and my Murraya 'Min-a-min' ball

Pentas and lirope

Pink and purple Plecthantus

This a cute white ground cover Pletanthus

This evovulus needs to grow but it is doing ok in a spot I thought might be too shaded

Rubeckia berry delight (I think)

Naked Lady bulb pafrt of the belladonna family

The sedum has been thrilling me for sometime

My client wanted me to bring this back to health. It is thriving on neglect with me, wonder how
Love Catnip. Blue and silver are so complimentary to each other
So wondering how the vegetable garden is coming along?

Pumpkins are flowering madly but are they forming fruit???
At least there is one the rats haven't found. Shh don't tell them
And what looks like a field of Jerusalem Artichokes

Fancy looking at beautiful blooms around the world then click here to be transported. Then go enjoy the blooms in your neighbourhood...


  1. No summer here. Snow still covers the ground. The only flowers are on the windowsill, but I love looking at summer.

  2. Beautiful blooms!
    I especially like the 'Naked Lady' and the Sedum.
    Happy GBBD!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Almost spring here. Lovely blooms many of which are new to me. The colour on that Evovulus is beautiful! Happy GBBD!

  4. What a beautiful photo of the Pletanthus. Hope your autumn treats your garden well as we finally move into spring here in Zone 6a Michigan. Thank you for sharing and Happy Bloom Day!

  5. Very pretty! And so strange for those of us in the northern hemisphere to see pumpkins blooming at this time of year. I did a double-take and searched for your location, and then it all made sense.

  6. At least your summer is not as hot as here, or else you wont be able to grow those plants. I love more of your blues, which are seldom found here, real cool colors. Sometimes i am already bored of our red, oranged, red-orange, yellows, haha!

  7. Absolutely beautiful...the Salvia with the Euphorbia is pure magic!