Tuesday, 18 December 2012

zucchini tuesday

Louise at gardenglut has been encouraging us all to learn to have a new found joy for zucchini. Now I do love a good zucchini and so I thought I would take on her challenge of growing them and cooking them.  I have posted a couple of times on the great use of the zucch which has been fun and yes I have a new one this week but first look I think I see flowers!!!

It is not enormous yet but it is not doing so bad
I am not sure if they are male or female flowers but they sure afre pretty
Here they are I can almost taste the zucchini.  We are no doubt going to be great friends and make a great many dishes together.

Anyway this week while at the markets I saw more zucchini flowers and I just couldn't walk past, not while they are still in season.  But I couldn't decide what to do with them....  So I stuffed them and crumbed them to pan fry (we don't have a deep fryer). I also thought I would make use of a small glut of tomatoes I had. I had a quick look at a couple of recipes and put this together.

Jen's stuffed zucchini flowers with quinoa and veg

* Mix some feta (I used Yarra Valley) with lemon rind, a touch of parmesan and seasoning.
* Remove the stamen inside the zucchin flower and stuff with the cheese mix.
* Crumb and leave in the fridge for a bit.
* Cook quinoa according to packet
* Pan fry a whole pile of veg.  I used Mushroom, Zucchini, Carrot, Broccoli, Spinach, Snow Peas and oven roasted tomatoes.

Lovely home grown toms
* Add the cooked Quinoa and a touch of soy and beetroot balsamic. You can add any flavours you like.
* Chop herbs for the top, I used coriander
* Have your lovely assistant pan fry the zucchini flowers and add to the top

* Eat

Quinoa and veg with crumbed zucchini flowers


  1. That looks divine, my zuchinni seeds have only just gone in. Sigh, a long time to wait for this dinner.

    1. Well you know they won't be too long before you will have some gorgeous stuffed zucchini

  2. This sounds so good - another one to try. Not sure my 'helper' is up to frying though. He can do stirring and putting in oven but frying may be one request too far...

    1. Well perhaps you could spray them and pop them in the oven?

  3. Your end dish looks fantastic. I bet the herbs really add fantastic flavour to it.

  4. Always got to have fresh herbs I think they really make the dish