Sunday, 16 December 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- December

Here we are so close to the end of the year again.  Here in Sydney we have started summer and boy there have been some stinkers.  Humidity is pretty high and the temps have started to reach the 30 C (mid to late 80's in Fahrenheit) but then a cool change usually comes through which brings some relieve.

If you are keen to have a look at other gardens around the world check out maydreamsgardens. But first to my flowering garden this month.  I looked out at the garden and thought there didn't seem much in flower but I was greatly surprised. And this month I have quite a bit of blue:

November Lilly (flowering in December, I think it is confused) Lilium longiflorum

This is a statice I think Limonium 'Misty Blue' it is really pretty but I think it needs to be moved so that it is seen better

Agapanthus sp.

This carrot plant has gone to seed. I think it is quite beautiful. Daucus carota

Love NSW Christmas bush, Cerapetalum gummiferum. What do you think?

Solanum melongena one of the first eggplant flowers

Sticking to the solanunm family the capiscum 'mini mama' is doing well.  I look forward to seeing the fruit red up.

This blue salvia dispite being a little weedy looks very pretty

Nepeta racemosa, catmint

Kalanchoe is nearly finished but been quite fantastic


  1. Like your lily, agapanthus and Christmas bush. We have the same kalanchoe, mine are now starting their annual bloom. My peppers are also now blooming and I have some tiny ones.

    1. Who would have thought Sydney and the carribean would be growing similar things at the same time. Thanks for popping by

  2. My peppers and eggplant are both flowering too, along with the tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumber and zucchini. Oh and most excitingly the passionfruit - its in its second year so I am very hopeful of fruit.

    1. Nice work liz. I am still hoping for some growth on my pumpkin (no doubt I well regret that when they do take over). Alas my passion fruit is no more so I will have to start again there.