Thursday, 13 December 2012

the vegie patch

Like all good intents I meant to write about the slow changes in my vegetable patch and I even took photos last week. But time got away and now the plants are much bigger. Reguardless I am going to post them now.

As you know Mr R has built some very sexy vegie beds back in October and I have been working them so that I would soon be eating stuff I have grown....  Well my first problem was I used blood and bone to improve the soil and whilest at work Diba the ratbag dog decided to lick the bed clean and no doubt ate all the seeds in the process, sigh.

So after several planting of seeds I now finally have a few things growing

Does anyone else have holes all through their eggplants?

Finally the corn has started
Over on the pool fence

Maybe the ants help propagate the cucumbers. It is the first time I've grown them :0)

I got the Diggers bean variety of green, purple and yellow in
And all my berries are now covered so the birds don't get them.

The raspberry ghost stand


  1. Yes - I too have holes in the eggplants - one plant anyway and i found the culprit - a little green caterpillar which looked remakably like a cabbage butterfly caterpillar. Not sure if it was and it was confused or if it was something different again.

  2. Ooh , nice growing! Wish my things were this advanced. No holes in my eggplant - just wind burn.