Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Zucchini day

Well I have done it, I brought a punnet of zucchini seedlings as I felt I needeed to try and get my own supply for the weekly updates.  I would have liked the green but the only seedlings I came across were these:

Don't you love the fact that the seed is still hanging onto the leaf
I am going to read up on how not to get powdery mildew and hope for the best.

So I made an amazing risotto with zucchini and I have to share it with you.  It was loosely based on 'The River Cafe Cook Book' Risotto con Fiori Zucchini. 

Here is how I did it.
* Cut stamen and spiky sepal out of the zucchini flower, and tear into strips. Then slice the zucchini, plus a few more quite fine.

* Heat about 1.2lt of vegie stock in a pot.
* In another pot melt about 75g butter, then add 2 finely diced onion (from the garden if you are luck) for about 15 min on low.
* Add 355g risotto rice (wanted to finish the container I had) and stir so all the grains are covered.
* Stir in 2 ladles of the stock until it is absorbed. Keep adding a couple of ladles at a time letting the rice absorb it all. After abour 20min add the zucchini slices with the last few ladles of stock. Then the zucchini flowers and a handful of spinach leaves that had cooked a little in the hot stock.

* Finally add another 40g butter, a good sploosh of white wine and a handful of finely sliced basil. I gave it all a stir and popped the lid on for a wee while.
* I toasted up some amazing Tasmanin walnut pieces a friend gave me (for extra protein) to put on the top.
* Take of lid and give it another quick stir and season. Dish up and I added a few chucks of goats cheese (because I did't have any parmesan) and topped with the walnuts.

The finishing result

Gosh it was really good, I will have to make this again.

Have a look at Louise's blog to see how other people are doing with their zucchini.


  1. Oh wow I have some zucchinis that are at the stage of those in the photo, ie nice flowers attached etc - i know what I'm making this week.

    1. Liz I don't think you will be disappointed. The flower was quite nice they did melt leaving golden streaks throughout

  2. Yummo. That one is going on the to-eat list!

    1. it's a nice change from the mushroom risotto I usually do

  3. OOh - nice yellow zucchs! Love the seed still hanging in there. LOVE this risotto. I love risotto summer or winter and love this fresh version. Thanks!

    1. It will make a lovely change I think from the green and very colourful. I am a risotto fan we have it at least once a fortnight

  4. yet to plant our zuchinnis, they look delicious!

    1. well at least in Victoria you are a little behind us in Sydney. I am probabily late