Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Thursday, Friday and a bit of Monday

Opps the end of last week was a killer.  I was quite busy that I didn't quite get back to you (sorry).  Never mind I have a whole pile of gardens to take you to.

New flowering ash and buxus

Just mowed.  I think where the agapanthus are they could get a row of citrus as it is full sun.
Now the next garden nearly made me cry again because stupid Bob came back and ripped all the compost and mulch from one vegetable garden to make his mound again.  I wouldn't mind if he used the compost heap after all it is quite a sizeable heap anyway. Sigh so I have had to Bob proof again....

Bob's new heap

But why couldn't he be happy with these fabulous heaps that I made?

And look what he did to the rhubarb!

first sunflower out

Sadly this is about the second last time I get to go to this garden as the client is selling

We have mixed vegetables with flowering plants.  I think they turned out ok

And the herbs have gone great guns

 Well I did forget to take photos at a couple of gardens but it gives you an idea of some of the places I go during the day.  Hope you enjoyed checking out some other gardens apart from mine.  Tomorrow is bloom bloggers day so I will be able to take a few photos of my flowering things.  See you then.


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    1. Thanks Bek it is sometimes nice to get out of your own garden for a while