Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Boy it was hot today, high humidity and about 29-34. It was quite a tough day, thankfully there was a welcome change by the afternoon.  Most of the jobs today are still in the renovation stage so digging or cutting down weeds etc before replacing with real plants.

So after cutting down African Olive, Camphor Laurel, Cercis Australis, dietes I have thrown in some tough bromeliads

Aagh Wandering Jew (or Trad as it is now called) is gone

We have taken quite a rubbish out of here, you wouldn't have seen the van about 6 mths ago

The client here is going mad as there is a bad bandicoot that constantly digs holes in his lawn anyone have an idea how to get rid of them, nicely?  

Lime leaf Duranta

Ok this isn't my garden but I was pruning the Murraya and thought the garden over the pool fence could do with some work

We planted about 6mths ago, mostly native and it is doing quite well

Damn there is an old footpath below the grass every summer it dries out

Hmm weed mat, there are just some people who we can't convince that it is so bad for soil and plants....
Well that time again off to work

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