Sunday, 25 November 2012

Strange things happening

Do you have a garden where you just simply wonder what it is the people before where up to when it comes to certain areas around your house or garden? I have an area that runs up the south side of the garden which never had anything growing much, I had the daleks (round compost bins) there for a while. And the Jerusalem artichokes grew there quite happily. But Mr R has been busy again building timber walls at the back of the garden bed to match the side path and to stop soil tipping into the neighbours place (which is at least a meter lower than our place.

New timber side panels just beyond the brickwork
I did have a brilliant passion-fruit climbing over the fence which was doing a fantastic job, however with all the digging of trenches etc it started to die off.  But I regress....  At the top, next to the carport I thought it needed a plant that was happy to grow in a fair amount of shade and finally make the side a little more attractive. I have a client that had a Syzygium 'Cascade' (Lilly Pilly) who had one in a pot that she didn't want anymore and it turns out I had a spot for it.

So I began digging a lovely big hole through soil that had been enriched by the compost over the past few years..... Until I hit plastic, the thick black stuff that had been spread across the entire side of the garden

A good spade depth down stupid and pointless plastic.  Why?
But then it got even stranger. I hit what seemed like a path heading from our house to the neighbours.

Mr R lifting one of the path blocks....

The concrete lifted 
Yes strange paving was sitting on brick piers with nothing underneath except sandstone rock.  Hmm I had at first thought it might be an old septic tank but it just couldn't have fit in the space.  So I decided that I would fill it all back in and plant. The depth of soil is a couple of meters and the roots can grow horizontally so I think it should be fine.

I am sure the Lillypilly will be happy in it's new home
So tell me have you found strange things around your garden that you just can't work out what the previous owners really had in mind?


  1. I think its just as likely me to be creating weird things for future occupants to find as the other way round....I can do some fairly silly things sometimes.
    My mum found an old tip with ink wells and old bottles and so on in their back paddock - that was pretty exciting.

    1. That is funny I am glad you are trying to worry the next person who comes along. I did speak to the neighbours who suggested that perhaps it might have been a sillage from and old septic tank so I guess that makes some sense. Good luck with confusing people :o)