Friday, 16 November 2012

Bloggers Bloom Day, November

I love getting to show off my garden and thanks to maydreamsgardens we can not only show off what is in our garden but see what is going on in other peoples garden on the same day.

It seems November is a bit of a strange month. Not a lot about or it is just the start of a number of things that are just getting going like the agapanthus (which I didn't take photos of as there are a lot of heads and only one flower, but then I am sure you all know what they look like). I also have a few things I have 'borrowed' from other gardens that I am not sure what it is. Perhaps you could help me? Lets get going.

The Jacaranda is blooming away like a mad thing. Shame the camera doesn't quite capture the correct colour

Begonia from a client

This is one of the smaller breeds of Hydrangea only meant to get to 60cm.  I just wish it would be blue

This foxglove was amazing, it is on it's last legs now

Strawberries are going great.  The snails and I are having a great feed. Mr R asked why we don't get so many strawberries. She who waters gets to eat :o)

Another 'borrowed' feathery shrub. 

This Sedum is confused between spring and autumn

Limonium or statice flower, these  guys are tough and add a bit of colour to a sandy soil

I think I can remember putting these bulbs in but not what they are called.  They are hiding under my crepe myrtle ground cover 

Ceratopetalum gummiferum or NSW Christmas bush. My Nana had a massive one of these I just have to find the right spot to make him happy in the garden
Well that is it for this month in my patch this month, I can't believe it will be December already next time we have a bloom day. Talk soon.

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  1. Hi Jen. You have some amazing blooms. I love the color on the Jacaranda. You had mentioned that the camera did not pick it up correctly so it must even look more beautiful in person. I enjoyed visiting. Happy GBBD!