Friday, 17 May 2013

What happened to the pots?

So a few weeks ago I moved the blueberries from there pots to the garden. They were taking up too much space on the deck. A few of you suggested that now the deck seemed too barren...

You were right and the pots were to good to sit empty. So I took out the chilli's from the garden (which have been taking up the only bit of sun that we get at this time of year) and put them into the blueberry pots.  They can grow as big as they like now (I have some spare seeds should they die back over winter). I also cut the raspberry canes back and have a lot of space on the deck.

What do you think now?

I thought I actually got up from my chair... 

The other direction
Hope they all grow soon as the deck seems too spacious somehow


  1. Perfect solution. How big did your blueberries get and in how long? Just trying to predict how quickly mine will outgrow their pots.

    1. hmm I think they were in the pots for 7 years (or at least the oldest were). In the ground and after a bit of a prune they stand slightly higher than my knee about 80cm? I am still a little worried about them in the sandy ground but the ground was well feed. I guess you could repot every few years with fresh soil and keep them going?