Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A new Aussie

Well there is a new Australian our household. Mr R (born in Zimbabwe) has sat for the citizenship exam etc after 10 years he completed the citizen ceremony a few weeks back. If you haven't been to one of these ceremony they are quite sweet. There are songs and talks about what it is like to be an Australian, the pledge, gifts and finally lamingtons :o)

Mr R looking handsome as ever
They give out a plant that is endemic to the area that Mr R is holding a Dillwynia floribunda. I hoped for an Angophoria costata but it seems the plants are all shrub like. It is now planted up with some lovely native mix in a decent sized pot and watered in by the rain.

I like it's fine feathery growth
Dilly willy (as I like to call it) is a small to medium shrub that grows to 1.5m bearing yellow pea flowers in spring. I believe it is frost tolerant and doesn't mind lime which is a bit unusual for a native. It also tolerates a bit of shade which is just as well as I have a lots of trees.

The fine hair helps with water loss
I am looking forward to seeing how it grows. Yay for the new Aussie!


  1. Congratulations Aussie, perhaps he should change his name to Dillwynia or perhaps Dillwyn for a man.

    1. Well my colleague Ni-evil calls him lami cake now, which I think he likes?

  2. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog! That's so sweet that you get lamingtons as part of your induction into Aussiehood - presumably accompanied by three rousing choruses of 'Advance Australia Fair'. Well done Mr R!

    1. Loving your blog but obviously haven't been on it for a while. I guess in Wales you might get leek and potato soup? Only two choruses