Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May bloom bloggers day

It is Autumn here in Sydney and the liquidambar is making sure no-one misses the fact. In fact I wondered if I would even be able to find any flowers under all those leaves.

But you are in luck as I found a heap...

Euphorbia 'Diamond frost' flowers almost all year round

Xanthostemon chrysanthus or the golden penda is flowering happily after being trapped in a pot for a few years too many

Salvia leucantha

Look my first blueberry flower :o)

My peas need a liquid feed so there are many more of these pretty flowers

Not sure how lucky I will be at getting the eggplant to form fruit this late in the season


One of my flowering gums is throwing a few flowers. Neither the bees or I complain

My toad lilly or Tricyrtis is almost lost in the autumn foliage

The heliotrope is doing very nicely

Hydrangea piamina is starting to fade
And a single jonquil soaking up the sun

Not a bad bunch of flowers for this time of year.

What is going on in your garden at this time of year? Why not take a look in May's garden in May...

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  1. Oh, your blooms look so awesomely beautiful. Love that! Nice share!