Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blueberries are in the Ground

So I have been thinking about the lack of space on my deck because my blueberries had gotten quite large in the pots. One I know has been in it's pot for at least 5 years. I wondered if putting them into the ground was a bad idea as I am on quite sandy soil but I figured if I feed up my soil enough for vege to grow perhaps the blueberries would work.

Here was the site I thought might work
Anyway I have added peat moss, cow, worm food, compost. Took out the ordinary plants that were there and left it for a few weeks.

they are in with extra acidic food and mulch

Looking down from above
Hopefully they will grow so well they might hide the wire fence??

And now once I move my pots I will almost be able to dance on the deck....


  1. Yee ha, you dance girl! Love to know how they get on. Hopefully well. My bbs are in pots but will go into a special bed of their own next to the house when the renos are over. I have 4 plants and will prob get 2 more eventually.

  2. They look like they will be very happy there. Mine went from pots to soil last year and they've managed well, but they do like water and mulch. I look at that deck though and just think "room for more plants" :)

  3. Although I do like a good boggie I'm with Bek on the room for more plants. I'm thinking some lovely dwarf citrus and perhaps a curry leaf tree, and, and, and....

  4. Hi I just found your blog! I love blueberries and need to get a couple of bushes myself! There such a pretty plant as well!