Monday, 15 April 2013

who dunnit?

Here is my best flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia) back in January. She sure is pretty huh? The flowers attract bees and birds alike. The flowers last about 2 weeks and are followed by gorgeous big gumnuts.

This morning after Diba's walk this is what I found!

The main part of the tree has been severed
Yeap it is broken. The best shaped gum out of the three is reduced to a third of its former self. I had to saw the main trunk as it was too thick after a good 3 years of growth.

The 3 gums along our front
I am not so sure it was an animal although I found feathers on the broken part...

Lorikeet or perhaps possum?
I suspect human foul play at it was a sizeable stem. It is just so frustrating at it was the main growing stem so now it will end up looking more like a mallee than a tree. I will have to consider getting a replacement, sigh.


  1. Boo to those pesky teens who walk the streets late at did look lovely.

    1. I did hear voices last night.... It was such a thick branch.

  2. It's humans, I bet! And don't easily suspect teens. I am pretty convinced that it was an adult neighbour who hated native plants - he once foolishly let slip to me...

    I have had numberable run-ins, before I wrote my blog, with native street trees, particularly eucalypts, being vandalised. Once a eucalypt was poisoned with glypho as almost overnight it perished, many, many times crudely broken off. I got to the point of posting a sign on the street saying that I had noticed the tree destruction and that I was keeping watch to identify the person(s)who did it. I also commented that it was an offence as the trees were council property and that I had informed the council of the vandalism.

    When gardening out the front, I had many people out on a walk congratulating me for the sign. I must say after I had erected the sign I had no more vandalism.

    1. I hear your pain Louise and I am glad it got sorted out eventually. I have to say I put the trees in and took out the water gums that the council had put in so I am not sure I could go to the council.and all of my neighbours are really lovely the is just so sad as it is now a third of its size. Damn tree breaker!

  3. That is really annoying. Could it have been a kid swinging on it? I kind of hope it was just an accident rather than something more malicious.

  4. That's awful. I hope it wasn't deliberate vandalism. I hope you are able to ammend the damage but its crap that you have to do it in the first place.