Sunday, 7 April 2013

the end of...

Well that is it summer is really over now as we turned back the clocks this morning so it was light early. I secretly do a little dance of joy being an early riser I don't really like it when it is dark until nearly 7am it is too hard to motivate yourself out of bed. Of course it is quarter to six in the evening and still light enough for Mr R to harvest the last of the tomatoes and basil for dinner. V can see rosemary, sage or thyme depending on which herb he wants to put into the popovers (which i think are just like a yorkshire pudding, but this is an American recipe).

But enough of that as this post is really about the "end of the camellia in the garden". Yes I have taken all the camellias that came with the garden one at a time. It seems cruel really and I actually do like camellias. They grow so happily in the leafy and sandy soils of my area. And I might even have left these lasts ones in if I liked the colour of the flower but I wasn't enamored.

Not awful but there are far prettier ones. And this was the prettier of the two that came out
I know my neighbours will be shaking their heads at these ones. Whoever planted all the camellias in the garden put them in such crazy places or the full sun spots (which I have turned into vegetable patches). And the only reason I left these on in so long is they were acting as a screen from the street behind. We are quite elevated so we do have a commanding view of the street. Now as luck would have it (or not) there is an absolutely enormous privet down the slope that does that job. A far bigger job to deal with down the track as it is actually on our block just.

So I figured a couple of citrus which should grow to at least the same height are far more productive. I do have some concerns about the amount of sunlight they will get which won't be ideal. Morning sun, dappled light through the day and late western sun. What do you think? Am I dreaming? Can you think perhaps of a medium sized fruiting tree that might do better in lower light conditions? Here is the documentation of the removal. First three were in the afternoon (overcast day), fourth this morning bathed in light then last tonight. 

first tree nearly gone

Second tree is now a stump as well

And despite having tennis elbow the lovely Mr R has dug out at least one stump, yay
Hmm now I think I may have to find a new spot for the compost bins? How fast do citrus grow?


  1. There's a few camellias in my new garden that I've got my eye on yanking out. The official line on personal blogs where I work is not to identify the organisation - so I won't. Easy to guess if you know Cardiff though.

    1. Funny that I should feel so bad about ripping out the camellias but they are living plants even if they are not functional. Would love to get across to Cardiff, it has been quite some time. I am gathering a list of lovely gardens to visit when over in the uk, which I am sure will bore Mr R after the 10th one :0)

      Fair call on the privacy issue, privacy is a good thing

    2. I'll lay a trail of crumbs to the front door so you can find us ;)