Monday, 13 August 2012

Winter holiday

Mr R and I decided we would take a week off work. Of course when you are both self-employed the best laid plans don't always go to schedule.  When I was desperate to take that break Mr R had to go and build a deck that he had agreed to start quite a few months ago, sigh.

Finally it was finished and now for the decision of where to go.  We really thought a warm and sunny break would be good but soon discovered that the best deals are out of the country and as my passport expired in May it was time to consider something else.....

I thought about Orange, which is about 5 hrs drive over the mountains west of Sydney and much much colder about 9 degrees at this time of year.  Most of our stone fruits are grown in Orange but it is too cold for oranges. There are also a number of vineyards which seemed another good reason to go.  It is a large country town which has a university and a population of 40 000.  I don't really know why I am even giving you this information as we decided to stay home instead.

I know why would you stay at home?  Well here are a few reasons that made us stay home:

* Olympics are one of Mr R favourite things to watch so he has camped in the lounge every evening to really enjoy them

* My garden finally got worked on! Of course I think a month would be better for me but I took a few days and we are both much happier

* Playing tourist.  I love Sydney so we found a few walks that we hadn't done before

* Sleeping in, reading books and wearing your pyjamas till 9am and played for hours on the internet

* Made stuff from scratch

It really was great to relax and here are some of the photos to show what fun we had

Waters edge near Cammeray

Notice the wildlife?

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Maggie enjoys the suns warmth

Angophoras are one of my favourite

The camp to watch Olympics

I made butter (and buttermilk)

Mr R is proud of his homemade tortillas 

So back at work this week I feel quite rested.  Sometimes it is really nice taking a break.

I guess all those jobs that need to be done around the house will have to wait until the weekends again

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