Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom day - August

When I was small my Nana used to grow snowdrops in the lawn in the far corner of her garden.  They were spectacular and everyone always came around to admire there bright white heads (and have a feed of pikelets which were her speciality).  Of course they were finished by September. By November they would be really yellow and the bulb would have absorbed all those nutrients ready to repeat the following winter.

However by October, my Pop would start pestering her as he wanted to mow the grass and have it neat and tidy.  I guess he didn't care for a mess. She would always say he would have to wait another month so the bulb would benefit with the extra time.  As you can imagine he would wait until she was out so he could quickly mow them down long before they were really ready.  He no doubt had to go without the pikelets.  But they still did always flower again the following year.

So of course now I have my own place I have to a small section to remind me of Nana.  Here they are:

I am not sure if you are all out there missing the Olympics (like Mr R) but if you are I have a little red, white and blue to celebrate the fantastic job the Poms did in London.

Pieris japonica a bit of red and white

Have to confess I am not really sure what this bulb is....

Akebia quinata (chocolate vine) well it is the most red I have for you today
And here are a few other things that are flowering around the garden today

Cercis "Forest Pansy" I love how the branches look like they have a pink hairy growth

Helleborus.  Eek I have 3 colours now

Magnolia stellata I am growing over a drain to deter people falling down the easement behind.  It's only a year old so still has some growing to do
Dendrobium sp. with a Cymbidum in the back ground
If you are curious to know what other people are growing in their gardens all around the world you can at  maydreamsgardens. See ya next time


  1. I tried growing a cercis once, but it didn't take and branches sprouted from the bottom. The snow drops look lovely in a mass like that.

    1. It is always annoying when things just don't grow the way you want them to. I have struggled to get a daphne to grow and fingers crossed it seems to be doing ok but I don't talk about it when in ear shot in case it decides to turn up it's toes. Love you blog name

  2. That's so sweet about the Snowdrops...I love when a plant can remind us of someone or someplace close to our hearts :-)

  3. Plants have an amazing ability to do just that. Hope your echinaceas grow back soon

  4. Oh my, what wonderful flowers. Love the snowdrops especially.