Saturday, 4 August 2012

Eek of the week

I tend to carry my camera around with me a lot.  When I am at work, around the garden and often when walking the dog. The truth is there are so many plants out there that make me squeak with delight.  Sometimes I have simply forgotten how incredible they are because it has been a whole year since I saw them last.  Sometimes it is because the climate has been perfect one year rather than the other.

Anyway I think they are worthy once a week to post up on the blog.  As I say they are not always in my garden, which means someone else has to look after them and I get to enjoy the beauty for free. 

With the Olympics currently on I suspect there are one or two plants out there that are feeling patriotic as well lets see what you think:

This is on the drive back from the South Coast

I am sorry I don't know what species this one is.  It was in a garden so it might not grow naturally in Sydney.  Anyone got a clue?

 Acacia linifolia found on disturbed sites

Acacia Longifolia or Sydney Golden Wattle
I find the smell of wattle quite overwhelming a bit like licorice but different.  It is only a shame that there are so many wattles that are attacked by borer making 90% of them short lived.  They do make great nursery plants protecting smaller and slower growing trees as well as providing nitrogen to the soil.  They make my eek this week.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow and thanks. You are right, each year at this time I get 'surprised ' by the wattle. Fab aren't they? Linifolia is really pretty to my eye. I prefer the more delicate lemony yellow.

    I am waiting for my patersonia to flower - they make me go eek! All that lovely purple.