Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tour of the garden

Wow it is amazing how busy it gets with an extra 3 people in the house (and we 3 had moved out before the guests arrived!).  So haven't our South African guests been treated to some fabulous weather this week?  It has been a joy although much warmer in the garden and I have noticed the pots are getting very very dry so I must get the hose out later this afternoon.

Any how I thought I would give you a bit more of a glimpse around the garden although i have been busier this week on the clients gardens. So as you can see Mr R has finished the paving so it marries to the slab under the deck (which fingers crossed might be re-built this year). We are hoping to nail a sheet up across the posts under the deck for V's big 21st outdoor movie party spectacular.  So the garden in front has all been chopped back so people can see the actual screen from the grassed area and I have to say i really upset some of those bees that were happily buzzing through the salvia flowers.

So I was standing on the grass zone looking back at our tiny pool area (well it is big enough for the dog). we actually own a few meters behind here but it is mostly weeds.  We have cleared it out several times but the weeds come back faster than you can imagine so next time I think we will have to have some sort of plan for redesign and planting so it looks like someone cares.

I was really lucky two weeks ago when my Dad's cousin gave me a massive clump of Sydney Rock Orchid which I am thinking I might cut into the massive rock surface just at the bottom right hand corner of this picture.  I can already imagine how fantastic it is going to look.

I am sorry I didn't take a photo back around to the left beyond the shed at the vegie garden but I have to say it is looking very ordinary indeed.  So it will be a photo for another day.  Although I can happily say i just popped in some snow peas, cabbage and leek so when they get a little growth on I shall get snapping.

I had to add this photo of Mr R and Diba who looks like he is not impressed that he has stopped working.  See I told you Diba takes his supervising role very seriously indeed :o)

Talk to you soon

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