Friday, 24 February 2012

Lilian Fraser Garden

I was on the way back from Dural (collecting plants for my clients) and I thought I would stop at Lilian Fraser Garden on a recommendation from a client.  She had told me about the garden as her daughter had hired the garden for her daughter's birthday party.

To give you a brief history it once was a poultry farm that once stocked Sydney's eggs, citrus, apples, pears and summer fruit.  Now a lady called Dr Lilian Fraser worked for the Department of Agriculture back in the 1940's working on Citrus diseases including Phytophthora (a root diseases that is now affecting many of the Eucalyptus around the foreshores of the harbour).  Anyway she did travel lots with work both in Australia and around the world and brought plants back with her for the garden many that have grown into large trees. Having no family Dr Fraser donated her land to Hornsby council so that it could be enjoyed as a public garden.  Something I am grateful for.

So on my visit I found there was not much in colour but it was fantastic place to rest in the cool shade.  I absolutely loved the many small pathways that compelled you to take a look at what was around the corner. I imagine it would be the best place to play hide and seek.

I also loved it rambling nature that wasn't an overly trimmed and tidy garden as some of the very manicured gardens are today.  While I see a lot of work that I could do I am happy to just enjoy it for what it is.  I really must stop in during autumn and spring when this garden will really come into it's own.

I will be interested to see the wisteria in flower in spring

If you hire the garden you can also hire the hut with the basic sink and kettle

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