Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And the results...

So as I mentioned in the last post we are re-modelling the section that comes off the back deck to get you into the garden more comfortably.  So the pavers are up the garden out, stupid palm tree is down and terraces divided.
V and Mr Owl ensure palm falls the right way
Mr R has worked for days (weeks in fact) on bricking up the terraces.  Laying both the grass (well of course there was a lot of help there) and pavers which will be underneath the deck at some stage in the future. How smart do they look?

But wait here is how good they look with the grass

Mr R and V proud of their efforts

So the last step was a bit of a big drop back to the original grass level so have added extra top soil and a row of extra turf to soften the last step.  What do you think?

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