Sunday, 12 February 2012

A taste of the tropics

So the rain did actually stop this week which I guess is good as I got to actually get out and work.  Of course this means apart from the random weeds I pulled and mow the lawns I haven't done much my garden. Mr R is cracking on with some paving out the front.  Widening the drive and sorting out the raised areas thanks to the Liquidambar roots.

So I haven't told you that it is V's 21st coming up so there is a massive push to try and get the house and garden sorted for the (fingers crossed) outdoor movies. V's mum and 2 sisters arrive tomorrow from South Africa and his gran from the UK next week so the house will be so packed that I might have to sleep in the garden?  It might not be such a bad thing if only I could sleep walk and fill the green waste bin with all the weeds and clippings.

Anyhow I don't have many photos to post of my garden so I thought I might add a few I took last August in Cairns Botanical Gardens.  They were quite beautifully laid out and had some excellent specimens.  The top side was maintained with fabulous results (photos included).  However as a result of Cyclone Yasi the rainforest walk had been very badly hit and not as interesting as I would have hoped.  Perhaps another year on it might looking up?  If you are in Cairns needed a break from all that it offers I recommend you pop into the Botanical gardens and have a wander.  The coffee shop had really tasty things.

Jade Plant (Stronglodon Macrobotiys)
Brownea grandiceps x coctinea

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