Sunday, 1 December 2013

Farewell Broadbeans

This year I decided to grow both the white and pink flowering broad beans both at home and at my weekly client. My client hadn't seen the pink broad beans and was a little sceptical. But they not only grew better but I think tasted better. I am not sure my client agrees but she was happy to have the beans.

Last week I figured the broad beans had reached the peak and had nothing else to give so with some sadness I harvested them and cleared them out of there frame. While I have put in two more tomatoes I always feel a little sad at how empty the frame (or now empty spot) looks after having something so full growing. But the new plants will hopefully grow to fill the space soon enough. Perhaps I should give them some more compost?

Dried seeds for next year and a bowl harvested
Peeled and ready for future feasts in the freezer
Here are some of them in a meal this week. Once quickly blanched they were peeled. Then with a little lemon zest, juice, olive oil, feta, mint and a little pepper they made a great side with wedges and mushroom/ricotta tart

Tell me do ever get so used to something growing in a spot that it seems like a loss once it is removed?
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  1. I too know the sadness of an empty bed! Yesterday I cleared my potato bed! But lovely harvest and great to hear the review of the pink flowering variety. That BB dish looks lovely!

  2. I also suffer from empty bed sadness. Mine was triggered by pulling out the gone to seed celery and parsnips. What seemed so crowded now looks vast and barren. But I'm sure the new spaces will soon be filled!